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South Board Fixtures 2012

posted 13 Apr 2012, 13:54 by Unknown user   [ updated 24 Apr 2012, 12:44 ]
  Below is the full list of South Board Fixtures for the Spring and Summer U12, U10 and U8 Competitions. Kildangan Under 12s are graded in Division 5, Home team is listed first. Remember to confirm fixtures before travelling.

19th April Kildangan v Robertstown
26th April Castlemitchell v Kildangan
3rd May Raheens v Kildangan
10th May Kilcullen v Kildangan
17th May Kildangan v Ballyteague

Kildangan Under 10s will also play in Division 5 of the South Board League, again home team listed first.

17th April

Ballyteague v Kildangan (Cancelled, due to bereavement)

24th April

Kildangan v Nurney

1st May

Eadestown v Kildangan

8th May

Kildangan V Sarsfields

15th May

Moorefield v Kildangan

Kildangan under 8's will play in group 6, this league is based on location to cut down on travelling.

21st April Kildangan v Rheban
5th May Grange v Kildangan
19th May Kildangan Bye
2nd June Ballykelly v Kildangan
16th June Kildangan v Nurney

Go Games Rules 2012

  1. Under 8 & 9 Competitions:

  • Games to include two zones

  • Games to be played over four quarters

  • Scores over and under the bar to count the same

  • No one player to play in the same position in two consecutive quarters;

  • Games to be 9 aside ;

  • U7 games, where applicable, will be 7 aside.

          1. Under 10, 11 & 12 Competitions:

  • Games will be played as 7/9/11 aside matches;

  • Rules will be modified to a max of two plays of the ball allowed;

  • There will be no zones

  • There will be no restrictions on free takers

  • There will be no alteration of current scoring etc.  

  • A minimum of 6 aside games will be allowed to cater for clubs with lesser numbers;

  • Game results will be recorded for grading purposes;

  • Year end will be via finals or final day blitzes using grading results to determine opponents (1 v 2, 3 V 4 & 5 V 6);

General Rules:

  1. All competitions to allow for all players to get at least one half of football / hurling per match;

  1. It is to be written into competition rules that all teams are to play with the appropriate number of players for each particular grade;

  1. The under 10, 11 & 12 competitions will consist of grading games, under above adopted Go Games rules, which will be non-competitive followed by  all inclusive finals for North Board and Final Blitz Days for the South Board with 1 V 2, 3 V 4 and 5 V 6 etc;

  1. Existing North & South Board weekends / fixtures to continue in order to retain the North & South Board's current slots in the calendar.  These fixtures to be played with the appropriate numbers and format.  Blitzes to be built into these fixtures if numbers allow.

  1. All advertising etc. of games to include reference to the "Go Games" brand and no reference to the which team “won” the game in question;

  1. Six (6) blitzes to be held during the year in the Go Games format for each grade.  The all county blitz at U12 will count as one of these six.  The Hawkfield Centre of Excellence can be used during the year to pull clubs together for blitzes.  The option of pulling North & South Boards together for a couple of blitzes can also be looked at;

  1. The Kildare Games Development Administrators will assist the North & South Boards with implementing the new formats etc. by meeting with the club's in their particular area.

  1. North & South Board rule books to be updated to reflect the above changes and to note the intent of each board to support and promote the “Go Games” concept.