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Kildangan GAA Get Kit with Lucozade Sport

posted 19 Oct 2014, 16:58 by Kildangan PRO   [ updated 19 Oct 2014, 17:05 ]
Kildangan GAA have registered for the Lucozade Sport Get Kit promotion. Lucozade 'Get Kit' promotion is slightly different to the previous 'Cap collection'; instead of collecting caps, this time you must collect Codes. Codes can only be found on the special GET KIT bottles.

Valid codes can be found on (1 code per bottle):
       •  Lucozade Sport 500ml & 4x500ml: Orange, Raspberry.
       •  Lucozade Sport Lite 750ml: Orange.

Tear off the label of the Lucozade Sport bottle and the code can be found printed on the middle of the bottle itself. 

Codes can be uploaded to Kildangan GAA on the Lucozade website, follow this link Alternatively, drop the label with the code down to Juvenile training on Friday evenings.

The promotion starts on the 12th August 2014, and ends on the 31st March 2015. Throughout this period, you can collect codes from promotional bottles of Lucozade Sport and redeem them for kit and equipment. After this period, codes can no longer be entered, but it will still be possible to redeem your codes for kit and equipment until the 31st May 2015

You can read the FAQ's here