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Kilcullen Prove Too Strong for Determined Kildangan Nurney

posted 20 Jul 2016, 17:26 by Kildangan PRO
Tuesday was the hottest day of the year (so far anyway), and thankfully the sky clouded over before the start of this match, because it would have been an even bigger test in direct sunlight and 28 degrees.

Kilcullen have a good squad of players and we arrived with 14 so, again, no rest for anyone for 60 minutes. From the throw in Kilcullen worked a good point and although they wouldn’t go behind for the rest of the game it wasn’t one-way traffic. Kildangan Nurney held the opposition well for 15 minutes when what the Kilcullen coach described as necessary changes helped the Ragettes seize some control and convert more from our mistakes.

At half time the gap in scores was significant enough, and we had to accept that the game outcome was not going to change, as Kilcullen were proving too strong. That said, the challenge for us was to win the second half and for a time following the throw in, it was a reasonable expectation. However half way through, Kilcullen capitalized again on some poor handling and decision making and put the second half ambition beyond reach also.

Quite a gap in scores at the end but we are much the better for the 60 minutes, with red faces, exhausted at the end. Its transition year for Kildangan Nurney Seniors, and transiting needs a destination. We need to agree ours and commit to the trip.  

By Fergal Gilbert