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Good Luck With Your Exams

posted 23 May 2013, 04:13 by Unknown user
Kildangan GAA would like to extend best wishes to all club members in the upcoming state exams.

As the end of the school year approaches, many of you are getting ready for exams. You may feel a sense of fatigue and stress, and yet excited for the summer ahead. To help you better manage exam stress, here are a few tips to ensure your continued success:
  • Eat right. A well-balanced diet is important in helping you think clearly.
  • Sleep well. Often over-rated, sleep is crucial if you want to stay alert.
  • Exercise. A key factor in relieving stress.
  • Plan your time. Create a study schedule and set goals.
  • Stay focused. Comparing yourself to others will only add to your stress. Set your own pace.

 Click here to learn more about effectively handling your exam stress. We wish you the very best on your exams and a safe and fun summer ahead.