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Are you an active member

posted 3 Dec 2011, 04:03 by Unknown user   [ updated 3 Dec 2011, 04:04 ]
  Are you an active member,  
The kind that would be missed,  
Or are you just contented,  
That your name is on the list?,    

Do you attend the meetings,  
And mingle with the crowd,  
Or do you stay at home,  
And crib both long and loud?,  

Do you take an active part  
To help the club along  
Or are you satisfied to be  
The kind to "just belong"?  

Do you even go to visit  
A member who is sick  
Leave the work for just a few  
And talk about the clique?  

There is quite a programme scheduled  
That means success, if done  
And it can be accomplished  
With the help of everyone.  

So attend the club regularly  
And help with head and heart  
Don't just be a member  
But take an active part.  

Think this over member  
Are we right or are we wrong  
Are you an active member  
Or do you just belong.  

Kildangan GAA AGM will take place in Kildangan Hall on Sunday 4th December at 5:00 pm. Re-established in 2001 the club has gone from strength to strength in the intervening years. However, as a relatively new club we need all the help we can get, especially from parents, relatives and friends of the players. Whether it be coaching, funding or any other type of assistance, there are plenty of ways you can help out.

It is important that we have a committed and well motivated committee to ensure that current structures in the club are reviewed, any changes necessary are put in place for the future and the workload involved is equally distributed. You may not be interested in a role on a committee, but you may know people who would be willing to become involved; if so please encourage them to come along.

It is especially important that all players, both underage and adult feel part of this process and make their feelings known at the AGM Nomination forms for positions have now been returned and will be voted on the night, to vote on the night you need to be a fully paid up member.