Warm Ups for Younger Ages

Fish and net

·        ·Select at least 4 players to form 2 pairs of nets by holding hand and standing side by side.

·        Mark out an area.

·        Both must hold hands all the time.

·        At the command go, nets will try to catch the fishes by touching them.

·        Once there are 4 players forming a net, the net will split up into 2 pairs again and continue to catch fishes.

·        The game stops when most or all of the fishes are caught.

Follow the leader II (groups of  4)

·        First player in each group is leader

·        The rest will follow the leader wherever the leader goes.

·        Limit the area

·        At the command change, the leader will move to the back of the row. The second boy will now become the leader.

·        Remind players to stay away from hard objects. E.g pillars,  walls, fences

Category game

·        Select category for calling out to the pupils.

·        Examples of categories those who are boys, those who are 9/10/11 years old, those who are wearing watches.

·        Those pupils who belong to the category will walk/jog/hop/run to a specified target and come back quickly.

Cats and Mice


·        Two groups of equal size line up facing the coach.

·         If the coach shouts mice the cats have to chance the mice to a line about 10 metres away and vice-versa for shouting cats.

·        You can make it more fun by pointing in one direction and shouting another.

Cups and Saucers


·        Place enough small flexi cones on the floor so that there is at least one for each player with half placed upside down. This creates the cups and saucers.

·        Divide the class in two,  each team has to turn the cones over to be a cup or a saucer.

·        The team with the most cones turned over within a set time, e.g. 30 seconds, wins-split the cones unevenly sometimes

Stuck in the Mud


·        One player ‘on’ for every 7 in the group. They have to chase and tag the players not 'on'.

·        When players are tagged  they  is 'stuck in the mud'. They stand with legs and arms out and they cannot move.

·        They are released when a player who is not stuck goes under the players legs.

·        This continues until everybody is stuck. Use more catchers to increase the difficulty.

 Free Movement: Spatial Awareness

  • Set out square area that all players must remain inside.
  • Allow players to move about the square as they wish but may only take 4 steps before changing direction.
  • Demonstrate the use of the out side foot in transferring weight to make the change in pathway i.e. use the inside of the outside foot to drive off.
  • This encourages players to move in all different directions and avoid contact with other players.
  • Introduce joint mobilisation exercises (e.g. high knees, heel flicks, skipping etc.) every 15/30 seconds, depending on fitness levels.
  • Challenge them to travel in different directions i.e. sideways, backwards.
  • Tips: One foot leads the other when going sideways, Look over your shoulder when travelling backwards, Look for the free spaces to move into at all times.
  • Challenge them to travel in different pathways and directions
  • Can they change ‘gears’ as they travel?

Free Movement with balls
  • Same as activity above except there is 1 ball for every 3 or 4 players in the square. 
  • Players must hand pass ball to a free player then receive another. 
  • Encourage players to move in all different directions and ‘CALL’ for the ball to avoid player not being ready for a pass or more than 1 ball going to a player at the same time.
  • To progress, introduce pick-up (players take a hop/solo then leave ball on ground for next player to pick up) and high catch (players lob ball into air for person to catch). 
  • To progress further, have a few players/mentors in the square that act as defenders and try to dispossess people around them.

Follow the leader I

·        Pair up and number players 1 + 2

·        1 will follow 2 wherever 2 goes..

·        Blow whistle and stop activity.

·        Change roles.  2 follows 1.

·        Variation for different levels-Say movefor lower younger players and jog  slowlyfor older players. Lower primary pupils may run or jog even if you tell them to moveso avoid telling lower primary pupils to run as fast as you can

Touch and come back

·        Use markers that can be stood on or lines

·        Say watch out for one another when you move around

·        Say touch the blue rectangle/ white line and come back here

·        Begin with targets that are nearer to the coach first. Then, progressively go on to targets further away.

Wizards and rocks

·        Select two players to be the wizards

·        State boundary clearly e.g you can only move inside the marked out area

·        Say If you are touched by the wizards, you will turn into a rock immediately.

·        To become a pupil again, someone must run around you two times.



·        All the children get into a big circle. Select 4 or 5 players to stand in the middle.

·        On the whistle they then run to a player standing in the circle, tag them and they in turn run to another player.

To vary: Shout 'hop on 1 leg', 'hop on 2 legs', ‘sideways’  at various times so the children make use of different muscles

Three Blind Mice


·        Split the class into two teams - mice and farmer's wives. The mice have ribbons or scarves tucked into the back of their shorts.

·        The players  spread out and on the command 'Chop off their tails!' the farmer's wives try to grab as many tails as they can.

The Atom Game

·        Players run around a fixed area in all sorts of directions.

·        The coach calls out "Atom___" and a number. Which ever number is called, the children have to get into groups of that number.

For example, the teacher calls "Atom 6!" and children get into groups of 6.

Repeat above but call out shape to be formed by players e.g. Triangle –
Get into groups of 3

Cone Dodge:
  •  Place different coloured cones randomly around playing area. 
  • Touch 3 domes of the same colour 
  • Touch 3 different colours first etc.
  • Players move around area performing different skills as they come to certain cones (e.g. dodge every white dome, side-step every green cone, feint and side step every green one, jump over every red cone, run around every blue cone etc.)

Mine Field 
  • Use spaced out domes and cones in a grid 
  • 4 or 5 players space out along the 4 sides 
  • Give each group a number 1 to 4 
  • On call e.g. ‘1 and 2’ players aim to dodge across the Mine Field, with out touching any domes 
  • Challenge further by calling all the numbers 
  • Challenge players to travel sideways or backwards through the mine field
  • Challenge them to travel with a ball i.e. dribbling/soloing